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Oahu and Kauai [NEW]
October, 2022 - Another trip to Oahu and Kauai to celebrate Jeremy's 35th birthday and go diving!
September, 2021 - We journeyed to Iceland as our first international trip in a while and drove around the whole island in an RV.
Our First Anniversary
July, 2021 - One year later, we finally had our real wedding celebration with friends in North Lake Tahoe.
Our Wedding
July, 2020 - With the COVID-19 pandemic raging, we opted to get married in our backyard with our few closest friends.
Engagement Photo Shoot
January, 2020 - Our engagement photo shoot with professional photographer Shaunte' Dittmar.
March, 2019 - The seventh continent.
Georgia Aquarium
March, 2019 - During a layover in Atlanta on our way to Antarctica, we stopped at the Georgia Aquarium for a couple hours..
Asia - Bali, Thailand, and Japan
September, 2018 - Visiting my sixth continent...checking out Bali, Thailand, and Japan
San Francisco Pride 2014
June, 2014 - Gay Pride parade in SF with Apple marching!
My house in Willow Glen
June, 2014 - My house in Willow Glen, CA.
Armin Van Buuren Only
May, 2014 - Armin Van Buuren concert in the SAP Center in San Jose with Brennan.
Pool Progress: 08/03/13
August, 2013 - Progress on the pool so far.
Pool Progress: 07/18/13
July, 2013 - Progress on the pool so far.
Concrete Removal to Prepare for Pool
May, 2013 - Removing a huge concrete pad in our backyard to get ready for a pool.
Boating Randomness in 2012
January - June, 2012 - Random collection of pictures from Banker's Legacy in 2012.
Jaxon's 25th Birthday in Santa Cruz
June, 2012 - We go to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk to celebrate Jaxon's 25th Birthday..
Murtagh Family in Calgary
May, 2012 - Rob and Myke travel to Calgary to meet his parents, sister, niece, and nephew.
May, 2012 - Rob, Ryan, Eric Schaeffer, and Jaxon travel to Yosemite as our last hurrah before Ryan goes back to Austrlia.
March, 2012 - Rob, Ryan, and Jaxon travel to NYC for Myke's birthday.
Skiing in Tahoe
March, 2012 - We travel to Tahoe to go skiing with Brian Rutland, David Hilley, Scott Remnant, and others.
Vegas for Brian Rutland's Birthday
December, 2011 - We travel to Vegas with Brian Rutland and David Hilley for Brian's Birthday.
Boating Randomness in 2011
July - December, 2011 - Random collection of pictures from Banker's Legacy in 2011.
4th of July, 2011 on the boat
July, 2011 - Bought a boat! We take it out on SF Bay for the 4th of July.
San Francisco Pride 2011
June, 2011 - Gay Pride parade in San Francisco.
May, 2011 - Rob, Mom & Dad, Kelly & Lee, and I go to Italy for 2 weeks.
Walk with the dogs
May, 2009 - A walk in the park with the dogs.
Myke's 30th Birthday
March, 2009 - Rob rented me a limo for my 30th Birthday and we went to the Melting Pot.
March, 2009 - Rob and I visited my 50th state, Alaska.
1001 North 2nd
January, 2009 - Various pictures of my house in California and the construction.
Walter and Eric's Wedding
November, 2008 - Walter and Eric's wedding at the Catherine Clark Gallery in San Francisco, CA.
Jenna and Swavek's Wedding
October, 2008 - Jenna and Swavek get married in Seattle, WA.
Around Seattle
October, 2008 - Hanging out in Seattle before Jenna and Swavek's wedding
Big Sur, California
September, 2008 - Raj and Jamie drag me along on a photo shoot to Big Sur.
MacWorld San Francisco 2008
January, 2008 - MacWorld Expo with introduction of the MacBook Air.
January, 2008 - Rob, Jamie, Holly, and I traveled to three islands in Hawaii and went SCUBA diving.
CCDS Class of '97 10 Year High School Reunion
October, 2007 - It's been 10 years since I graduated and it was time to go back and see all of my old classmates.
Gay Days @ Disneyland
October, 2007 - Rob, Brian, Trev, and I decended upon Disneyland in Anaheim, CA along with tons of other folks wearing red shirts.
AIDS Walk San Francisco '07 (Taken with iPhone)
July, 2007 - Annual AIDS Walk in Golden Gate Park.
Cruise from Los Angeles to Vancouver, BC
May, 2007 - Brian, Ted, Brandon, Joe, and I took a cruise along the Pacific up to Canada.
Hiking: Jones Trail at Lexington Reservoir (first roll with my Rebel XTi)
April, 2007 - Hiking in the California Mountains. Few broad shots of Silicon Valley.
SCUBA Certification at Monterey Bay, CA
April, 2007 - Getting SCUBA certified in the freezing Monterey Bay with Jamie, Holly, and Stephen.
MacWorld San Francisco 2007
January, 2007 - Annual trip to MacWorld expo at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.
Visiting Seattle, WA
December, 2006 - First ever trip to Seattle, Washington to visit my friend Brian Westbrook.
California Townhome
June, 2006 - Finally took some photos of the townhome that I'm renting out in Sunnyvale, CA
San Francisco Pride 2006 (Best Of)
June, 2006 - Annual pride parade in San Francisco, CA. This is the "Best Of" set or you can view the entire 125-photo set.
Moving To California (Photo Journal)
April, 2006 - Along the way moving from Atlanta, GA to Sunnyvale, CA, I took a few photos, including one of each "Welcome to the state" signs.
Tiffany and Kyle's Wedding
April, 2006 - Marriage of Tiffany Johnson to Kyle Forkner in Atlanta, GA.
MacWorld San Francisco 2006
January, 2006 - Visit to San Francisco and MacWorld with Brian Grove.
Labor Day in Cincinnati '05
September, 2005 - 8 Year Class Re-union from High School to meet up and catch up with all my old friends, while watching some awesome fireworks on the Ohio River.
White Water Rafting
July, 2005 - Brooks, Jason, His Wife, and I went white-water rafting on the Occoee River in Tennessee one weekend.
MacWorld San Francisco '05
January, 2005 - Now annual pilgramage to San Francisco for MacWorld and to visit the Apple Campus.
Washington, D.C.
October, 2004 - Went to Washington, D.C. to test drive the Escape Hybrid and attend the Netcool User's Conference. Stopped in the Capital to visit the sites.
Alex visits Atlanta (and Chihuly)
August, 2004 - Alex (Old friend from eWorld) came to visit from San Diego and we went to the Chihuly exhibit at the ATL Botanical Gardens.
Suzy and Theo Visit Atlanta
August, 2004 - Ex-girlfriend Suzy came to visit from Ohio with her son, Theo.
Summer '04 Randomness
Summer, 2004 - Random pictures including my sister's graduation, Brian, Six Flags, and the Election.
May, 2004 - Went to Australia for 2 and a half weeks with the family on another adventure vacation. Saw Kangaroos, Wallabies, Koala, Sea Lions, sunsets, ants...
NAB @ Vegas 2004
April, 2004 - National Association of Broadcasters where Apple ironically sent me. Tons of photos, including the Apple booth, the Strip, the show.
MacWorld San Francisco '04
January, 2004 - Traveled to San Francisco for MacWorld Expo. Even took a trip down to Cupertino to see the Apple Campus.
Myke's New House
Photos of my new house in Mableton. That's not my furniture, though! Later, I actually moved in and took some photos of the empty house.
Costa Rica
July - August, 2002 - The family traveled to Costa Rica for 10 days to see various animals...some frogs, birds, and even a Jaguar (ok, so he was in a zoo, don't get too excited).
Photo Club Outing to the Country
February, 2002 - Drove along randomly in the country and took pictures of old barns and stuff
Winter Storm in Atlanta of 2002
January, 2002 - Cadbury in the snow and the area around my building in midtown
My Grandmother
October, 2001 - My grandmother and her move to Georgia
Fireworks at Centenniel Park
July, 2001 - Some cool shots of fireworks and buildings in Midtown.
Matt visits Atlanta 2001
July, 2001 - A couple shots of Matt, me, and Cadbury when he came to visit.
Atlanta Pride Parade 2001
June, 2001 - A bunch of pics of interesting people at the gay parade.
Safari in Kenya
May, 2001 - Lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, gazelle, etc.
A new dog park, with a pond!
April, 2001 - Cadbury playing at the park and around the pond
First Roll with my Canon D30
April, 2001 - Experimental pictures and stuff with my new digital SLR
My Computers
January, 2001 - Some lame pics of my computers
Myke visits Lee at USC
December, 2000 - Some cool shots of the USC campus in Columbia
Chandler in a Box
December, 2000 - My really cute niece and nephew play in an old box
Cadbury at Centenniel Park
December, 2000 - The blizzard of 2000 hit Atlanta and I took Cadbury to Centenniel Park
Picking out a Christmas tree 2000
November, 2000 - My niece and nephew and our adventure picking out the perfect tree
Autumn in the Park with Cadbury
October, 2000 - Cadbury went to Peidmont Park and posed amoung the leaves and such
Disney's Animal Kingdom
July, 2000 - A visit to Disney's newest theme park, Animal Kingdom, with Ashley and Chandler
The White Mountains of New Hampshire
August, 2000 - A trip to find Lost River and a visit with the Old Man in the Mountain
Turner Field
July, 2000 - The boys of summer at Turner Field
Atlanta Pride 2000 and other stuff
June - July, 2000 - Atlanta Pride, my Mom's bday, and Cadbury & Daisy
Cadbury in Black & White
June, 2000 - A roll shot in B&W of Cadbury at the park and drinking from a fountain
Cadbury Goes Swimming
June, 2000 - Cadbury's first time swimming in the lake (3 rolls)
The Leahy family visits Atlanta
June, 2000 - Matt's mom, brother, and grandmother visit Atlanta
Another Weekend at the Park with Cadbury
May, 2000 - Cadbury goes to the Park for some more fun
Cadbury goes to the park
April, 2000 - Cadbury goes to the Park
A Brand New Puppy!
April, 2000 - A chocolate lab puppy arrives
First Roll with my Canon SLR
April, 2000 - Experimental pictures and stuff
Spring Break 2000
March, 2000 - New York, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania (4 rolls)
Valentine's Day 2000
February, 2000 - A few pictures of Matt
New Years Y2K & Matt's 21st Birthday
January - February, 2000 - New Years 2000 in Texas and Matt's 21st Birthday
Christmas #2, 1999
December, 1999 - Matt and Myke celebrate Christmas together and open presents
Christmas, 1999
December, 1999 - Matt and Myke celebrate Christmas together (also: pictures of our Halloween pumpkins)
Our Trip to NH - Aug, 1999
August, 1999 - Matt and Myke drive up to New Hampshire and visit his family (also: visit Kelly)
Patrick visits Atlanta #2 - Jun, 1999
June, 1999 - Patrick visits Atlanta
Pride #2 - Jun, 1999
June, 1999 - Atlanta's Gay Pride Parade
Patrick visits Atlanta & Gay Pride - Jun, 1999
June, 1999 - Patrick visits Atlanta and we go to the Pride Parade
Matt in NH
Spring, 1999 - My first trip up to NH to spend time with Matt
Matt visits Atlanta - Jan, 1999
January, 1999 - Matt visits Atlanta
My HS Senior Project: Small Towns of the TriState
May, 1997 - Montgomery and Indian Hill in Ohio, Covington and Oak Ridge in Kentucky, and Batesville and Rising Sun in Indiana...Don't be too critical, though, I was much younger when I took these. :-)
The Rainforests of Peru
July, 1996 - Tree-frogs, snakes, and plants, Oh My!