Myke's Photo Gallery: Christmas #2 - 1999

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Matt under the tree with his presents (Myke's are on the other side)

Matt's present from Myke's Parents - A Gift Certificate to Outback Steakhouse


Yay! Boxers!

Matt with Pluto


Awww..ain't they cute together?

Another shot of Matt and Pluto


Myke's favorite present - a book written by Matt in 1986

More boxers...from Old Navy


Matt, reading his book

Wow..this is pretty cool.


Matt with Mankind's "Have a Nice Day!"

Matt, with more boxers, and a Mr. Happy back massager


Matt giving a present to Myke (it was a commemorative 2000 M&M's tin)

The "Greatest Hits" Music For Matty Album


Myke with Tantor from Tarzan (NH calendar and book on the couch)

How much underwear am I getting!*?


A perfect orange and blue shirt for Matt

I'm not sick anymore! I'm going to email Patrick!



Maybe I can play football again...


You want to go celebrate?