Myke's Photo Gallery: Asia
September 8 - 22, 2018

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Traveling through the Taiwan Airport

My outgoing flight flew from SFO, connecting through Taiwan, so I explored a little bit on my layover.

5 Days in Bali

First stop was Bali where Myke, Ryan, Jeremy, and I stayed at an epic AirBNB, just a short walk from the beach. I went SCUBA diving two days -- to Nusa Penida and Tulamben. Then we went out to the Uluwatu Temple to see a sunset fire dance where both Myke and I got pulled up to dance in front of everyone.

5 Days in Thailand

Two more days of diving but then on the last day, I went up to see the Big Buddha statue that overlooked the Phuket area. After dealing with Taxi drama for a while, I decided to walk back 10km to our the rain. It gave me an opportunity to see a lot more of the city though. Ended the trip with dinner and mini golf at the Dino Park.

5 Days in Tokyo, Japan

James then joined me for the last segment of the trip in Tokyo, Japan. We took a ferry out to Oshima Island (birthplace of Godzilla), explored the city, visited DisneySea, and went to the top of the Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea needed its own album since we had so much fun there...quite different from the states. It rained all day though.