Myke's Photo Gallery: Atlanta Pride Parade - June 24, 2001

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The Atlanta PD on horse patrol begins the parade


The crowd over near Bulldogs, waiting for the parade to get goin'



As always, the dykes on bikes are first


Two lesbians on a bike


Sunshine's Learn to Ride Motorcyles


Doin' the loop


The Atlanta Pride Committee


The Atlanta Freedom Marching Band



Showtime's Queer As Folk


The Party Zone


The crowd gets excited


Coolin' people off


Mr. Reese's, handing out flyers


Southern Voice


Southern Voice


Pride Pest Control


Ok, str8 boys, this is what I know you came here for....some chick with glitter on her breasts. Update: I'm told that's actually a GUY.


Backstreet Atlanta's float


Some weirdo hanging out of a limo


AID Atlanta


Coca-Cola's Gay and Lesbian Employee group


Gee, you think he's gay?

Maybe, just a little?


Help Atlanta reach Gay Games 2006


Sister Time


Some guy playing tennis


ATTA (some Tennis thing)


The Peach International Tennis Championships (Labor Day wknd)

People with Palm trees.........


Le Buzz, Your Oasis in Cobb


HRC (Human Rights Campaign)




Another HRC showing


Atlanta Friends Meeting (Quakers)


Sex ed saves lives.


Project Open Hand


I like what they did with the tires....


Volunteering doesn't suck


The Queens or Bacchus High


I want that lens.


Pagan Interfaith Foundation of Georgia


This ends the debate. Kelly and Alpha are two people and not just one Kellian Alpha.




B98.5 FM


Raise da roof!


Here comes the big rainbow!


Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

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