Myke's Photo Gallery: Our Trip to NH - August, 1999

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Matt's little brother, Mickey

Matt's bedroom in his parent's house


Matt, trying to be like Mickey

Matt's other little brother, Mark


Matt, holding a squirming Mark

Matt, holding an energetic Mark


Matt, holding Mark inside

Matt, making Mark smile


Mark, eating ice cream

Matt's Family (From L to R: Dad Mike, Brother Mark, Mom MaryAnn, Matt)


Matt's Family

Matt and his Grandmom


Matt and his Grandmom

Matt's Aunt, Diane (she was only two pounds at birth)


Diane, trying to hide

Time Shift: Myke's sister, Kelly and her friend, Megan


Myke and his sister, Kelly, in front of her dorm

Myke and his sister, Kelly, again


Kelly and her friend, Megan

Kelly in front of her dorm


Kelly, again

Matt is afraid of elevators


Matt, in his red Old Navy shirt

Bright Light! Bright Light!