Myke's Photo Gallery: The Rainforests of Peru - 1996

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Leaf-cutter ants

They carry weight alot heavier than themselves!


A Tarantula


A Salamander

A Katydid


A huge dragonfly

A Boa Snake


Closeup of the snake

Orapendula nests


A Katydid getting eaten

Little Brown Frog


A Lizard

A tree-frog


The classic Environmentally a-Ware tree-frog

Another snake, coiled up on a leaf


Another shot of the Classic Tree-frog

A big Katydid


The canopy of the rainforest

A path...


A bromiliade, living off of a tree

A fruit-eating bat (noctural)


A Caiman (like an alligator)

And now taken out of his natural setting


Caiman again...

A mouse opossum


A whip scorpion

A Macaw


A sunset over the Amazon River


This made me cry when I saw it...

A poison-dart frog


A water buffalo

A river otter


Me, climbing some vines

Another sunset


A bromiliade, up-close


Looking out, above the canopy

The rainforest


The End