Myke's Photo Gallery: Atlanta Gay Pride #2 - June, 1999

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Matt and Patrick watch the parade

HRC's Truck


HRC's Float

HRC's Float passing by


The SouthPark bus...I don't know why

Some weird people on a float


Scary leather / S&M people

Some lesbians on a float


The Armory's bus

Some Garden Club on a float


This kid was having fun...he had fake breasts

The kid kisses his breasts


The kid gets a great reaction from the crowd and does it again

The WE CAN float


This guy decided to show everyone his ass

Pets Are Loving Support, Inc. Float


Pets Are Loving Support, Inc. Float



A gay ISP

Patrick eats a hot dog and shares it with us


Matt does it too

Matt got a sticker on his butt!


Patrick exits the bathroom

Matt and Patrick