Myke Eric Scott Olson
Senior Project: Small Towns of the TriState

Wednesday, May 21 Montgomery, Ohio
Wednesday, May 21 Indian Hill, Ohio - Historic Bridge
Thursday, May 22 Covington, Kentucky
Thursday, May 22 Oak Ridge / Independence, Kentucky
Wednesday, May 28 Rising Sun, Indiana
Thursday, May 29 Batesville, Indiana
More Information About the Project

Why did I do this?

The pictures you see herein are my senior project for Cincinnati Country Day School. My project was to visit a few small towns from the tristate area and take pictures of interesting buildings, main streets, anything that look interesting. These are the towns that I have visited and photographed. I had fun doing it, too. It is really neat to see people's reaction to some high school kid with two cameras strung around his neck taking pictures of things they take for granted. Enjoy these photographs.

Suggestions for better viewing

First of all, I suggest that you increase the width of your window. There are images left flush and right flush on every page, so they take up alot of horizontal room. Second, increase the amount of memory allocated to your browser -- each page contains 16 high quality images of about 1 MB, which adds up fast. Third, be patient. These pictures are high quality and take a long time to download (they are also going over a 33.6 modem link).

Copyright Information

All photographs contained within these web pages, "Myke Olson's Senior Project" are copyrighted © 1997, Myke Olson. They may not be reproduced or used in any form without prior permission from the copyright holder. All rights reserved. All information in captions and otherwise herein is true to the full knowledge of the author. Any mistakes are not my responsibility, but I do apologize. If you would like more information about this project or anything contained here, please contact Myke Olson. Thank you.