Kenya Safari Journal - Day 12b

We spent the morning driving through the town of Mombasa. Again, what interested me most were the advertisements. Trust condoms had two really cool ads that you saw alot of: "Let's Talk" (English) (2) (Swahili) and "Life is Better with Trust" (2). Another big advertiser is Coca-Cola / Fanta. Almost every store or kiosk and even schools have a sign for Coke. Malaria is a big problem in Mombasa and two available treatments are Falcidin and Supanet ("For good sleep"). Kenya's most popular newspaper is The Nation. Further in town, we saw ads for Kodak Film, Earth Day, another one for Africa Online,, Energizer (2) batteries, Kencell and Bata shoes, Tusker Beer, Smirnoff, Cadbury's Chocolate, and the new Intellowasher from LG.

Like I said, we did some sightseeing in Mombasa...not just looking at signs. We saw the Old Harbor and downtown (2). In the center of town, there are two very large elephant tusks spanning the road.

In the afternoon, we flew back to Nairobi, where we then flew to Amsterdam.

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