Kenya Safari Journal - May 17, 2001 23:09

Today we headed to Shimba Hills, outside of Mombasa. We saw an ostrich up-close, as well as the very elusive Sable Antelope (2) (3). Shimba Hills is the only reserve in all of Kenya where the Sable Antelope can be found.

We spent alot of time driving through the city of Mombasa and I was interested in several of the advertisements, including: Africa Online (2), Sportsman cigarettes, Coca-Cola (2), Raid Bug Spray, Doom Roach Spray, Yes! Kencel, Telkom Kenya, Eveready batteries, and Trust condoms. I also found it interesting that signs for schools were often paid for by Coke or Close-up Toothpaste.

In the afternoon, we went to a crocodile farm, where we were fortunate enough to see two turtles mating. At 5:00, they fed the crocs.

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