Kenya Safari Journal - May 09, 2001 22:50

I didn't write yesterday, because I was too busy watching War Games DVD on the PowerBook, so I just finished writing that stuff up now.

This morning, we again got an early start and I used up an entire 128MB compact flash card before breakfast shooting a leopard (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) and her cub (2). Some elephants came by to munch while the leopard took a big yawn.

After breakfast, we visited a Samburu tribe village, but on the way we saw a few babboons grooming each other and waving. There was even a baby with her mother.

In the late afternoon, we almost saw a cheetah make supper out of a male impala, but after the cheetah stalked him for 45 minutes, the impala finally got away...

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