Kenya Safari Journal - May 07, 2001 19:33 Local Time

Today we started out at the Norfolk Hotel for breakfast of chocolate croissants. A quick briefing and some haggling over the bill and we set off in Moigui's Land Rover for Timau. We spent most of the day driving, took a short break to fix a flat tire, and stopped for lunch at the Kentrout Grill. After lunch, we continued on to the Samburu Intrepids lodge, in Samburu. We pulled off the road, so I could snap some pictures to make into a QTVR panorama.

After entering the Samburu reserve, we first saw some Gerenuks, some vultures on a Acacia tortilis tree, a barn owl, some elephants who had been kicked out of their family, and finally some impalas with a Grevys zebra.

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