Myke's Photo Gallery: Photo Club Outing to the Country - February 02, 2002

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So we drove along I-20, picked a random exit and tried to get lost...


Pulled off the road when we saw this cool looking barn, and just starting shooting pictures...


Nothing's really in focus...


If you look closely, you can see a vice in the barn, between the gates


A country road, with American flags on the mailbox


A country fence

More of the barn


Just think about how long that tree has been there to be that big...


Looks like a nice place to fall asleep


So we continued driving...then across a dusty gravel road until we found the remains of a house...


Vertical shot of the house


Looking along the front of the house to the door

What used to be the chimney


More driving until we found this man-made dam

I'm not sure what this booth used to be used for... :-/


Wider shot of the dam and little booth


The runnin' stream


Another shot of the stream and the booth

An old slave house


The old slave house had electricity, too...

The plantation house


Next to the plantation house was this small dry goods store


"ICE COLD DRINKS" on Nolan Store Road


The old Georgia plantation home


Another shot of the big house