Kenya Safari Journal - May 13, 2001 21:32

At Maasai Mara Game Reserve. Today, we saw more baboons, warthogs eating, and impala. New sightings included the crown crane, Grant's Gazelle, spotted hyena (2), and the water buck.

I also spent a good bit of time with one pride of lions: the male (2) (3), females (2) (3) (4), and a cub. I filled up the CF card, so I had to download the pictures in the field.

Another new animal was the eland (2). The Eland is the largest of the antelopes and an individual can weigh over 2000 pounds.

Right outside our tent, in the river, are some hippos (2). Back on the game trail, we saw the remains of a lion's kill, which a hyena found and a Ruppel's Griffon vulture, which I caught in-flight (2). Later, we saw a rock hyrax near what we thought looked like Disney's tree of life. The Mara is also home to the common zebra, whose stripes fool the predators into not knowing which one is which. Compare these Thompson's Gazelles with Grant's (also the Topi and Common Zebra). Finally, here is a shot with two Topi, each on playing King of the Hill.

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