Costa Rica Journal for Aug 03rd - August 04, 2001 06:58 Local Time

We're waiting for our plane in Tamarindo to go back to San Jose to go back to Miami to go back to Atlanta. Since the PowerBook is behaving today, I'm writing my journal for Day 08 now.

This morning (August 03rd), just my Dad and I got up to go kayaking up the local estuary at 8am. We had to do it this early because it was at high tide...and at low tide, the estuary is dry. It wasn't that exciting of a trip, as far as seeing animals go, but it was still fun. We kayaked for about an hour, then beached, and walked around the national park for another hour. While kayaking, we saw the White Ibis and then while walking, we got to see a black and white Hawk-Eagle as well as a troupe of howler monkeys (2).

After getting back to the hotel, we relaxed on the beach for the rest of the day and then walked into town to do some shopping and have dinner at the Copacabana on the beach.

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