Costa Rica Journal - July 29, 2001 22:52 Local Time

Today wasn't the best of days for getting shots of animals and stuff, but a few did turn out. We started the morning with another boat ride along the canals. We saw a Howler monkey, followed by a Brown-helmeted heron or something and a Blue Heron. As we got further up the canal, I had to take a picture of these pretty yellow flowers and some Orapendula nests. We also spotted a brown iguana, which was really far away, sitting on some leaves...I'm amazed that the guide saw him. After turning around to go home, we saw a spider monkey (they're brown as opposed to the black Howler monkeys). As we were watching him, he climbed up a tree, towards the edge, then jumped to the next tree.

Back at the lodge, I snapped a pic of a Toucan (2), peeking around his favorite tree. After lunch, we took a short boat trip up to the nearby village of Tortuguero and took a family photo next to a cement turtle. We walked along the beach on the Caribean Ocean (2) back to the landing strip, where a boat was waiting to pick us up.

Right before dinner, we saw some beautiful lightning way off in the distance. The flashes would make the huge thunder clouds and trees along the shore into silhouettes...that's the kind of thing that just doesn't translate well to film.

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