1. A major microprocessor company that today primarily makes chips for IBM.

2. One K is equal to 1024 characters.

3. Random-Access Memory (a fast area of memory that programs use while they are running.)

4. Read-only Memory. (what tells the computer what to do before the operating system takes over, and what kind of computer it is.)

5. Operating System, or the software that tells the computer what to do.

6. A dot matrix printer uses a cloth ribbon to make a series of dots. Since they tend to be slow, unreliable, and of poor quality, they are rarely used today.

7. Graphical User Interface.

8. Computer programs used for drawing and painting graphics.

9. A basic word-processing program.

10. A modem is a device that allows two computers to "talk" over phone lines.

11. Baud refers to the speed at which modems transfer data. 300-baud and 1200-baud are extremely slow by today's standards where speeds can get up to 115,000 bps (bits per second). One can find these modems today for around $300 or less than $100 for today's slowest, 19,00 bps.

12. Macintosh Operating System.

13. Another computer company.

14. Direct Operating System, or what most IBM PC's use.

15. One megabyte (MB) is equal to 1024K.

16. Small Computer System Interface used to connect external equipment such as hard drives, CD-ROM drives, scanners, etc.

17. A computer company that specializes in monitors and more.

18. A computer accessory company.

19. LocalTalk is a type of network that Apple developed.

20. A File Server is one or more computers that control a network and house files to which all users on the network can access.

21. A Fax modem is capable to be used as a data only modem or for faxing documents right from your computer.

22. A processor is the chip inside the computer which handles calculations, etc. "68020" (pronounced sixty-eight-oh-twenty) is the version number of the processor. The original 128K Mac was a 68000 and the latest is a 68040.

23. MultiFinder is an enhancement to System 6 that allows users to run more than one program at a time.

24. A virus is something that infects a computer and will display weird messages or delete files, etc.

25. An anti-viral utility published by the Datawatch Corporation.

26. Symantec Anti-Virus for Macintosh.

27. Disinfectant is a free anti-virus program that is being distributed by Apple.

28. These computer's thin shape makes them look like a pizza box, and have been nicknamed accordingly.

29. A "bug" is a conflict between two or more programs which can cause a severe system crash.

30. Personal Digital Assistant.

31. Based on the PowerPC RISC chip, which makes the computer much, faster, if you have the right software.

32. Users move their finger across a small pad to move the arrow on the screen.

33. Users roll a built-in ball instead.

34. QuickTime 2.0 includes better compression, supports MIDI files (making music files much smaller), and allows for a bigger viewing area when watching video clips.

35. QuickTime VR allows for exploration of virtual rooms by moving the mouse around a video screen.

36. The newest upgrade to the system software which uses "Drag & Drop" to move paragraphs and words easily, AppleGuide (walks users through steps) squashes many a bug, and incorporates other system enhancements, such as a clock in the menu bar, into one.

37. A simplified method of printing where users can just drag documents to a desktop printer.