myke eric scott olson: College

I graduated from the fine Georgia Institute of Technology in December of 2002. I majored in Computer Science and was the first student to receive a minor in Performance Studies. I started there way back in the summer quarter of 1997, about two weeks after I graduated from high school. So, basically the summer vacation before college was a quick trip to Disney World, but that's OK because I enjoyed starting early. Tech was certainly a challenge and the admissions department didn't expect me to make it (hence summer acceptance), but I made it through and am probably a better person because of it. Or something like that.

Of course, we have a kick-ass football team. Our school newspaper is the South's Liveliest, The Technique. Georgia Tech is much better than that other "school" in Athens, where my traitor of a sister decided to go.

If you're interested, for some strange reason, I saved all of my schedules for almost every semester I attended. I was also a co-op student, which meant that I alternated semesters between school and working at CNN. Well, not really alternated so much as worked less hours while in school.

Fond Memories of School and others not so fond:

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